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I, Cisco, have been always been a DJ Gear geek. I spoke to DJ Focus, creator of the Focus Fader the first contact less DJ crossfader. He inspired me to take this photo. I have been DJing since 1997, so I have seen the variations of fader and fader knobs.

The beauty of all this is/are all the changes from 1997 till now. I started out with a Numark DM 1100, the crossfader was terrible and I killed the fader by spraying way too much Radio Shack Tuner spray control,which in my opinion is junk, stick with Caig F5 aka Caig MCL. The industry changed going from carbon based tracks to conductive plastic to contactless etc.

Here are some shown, I didn’t include an image if the Pioneer DJM 707/909 crossfader, which is also one of my favorites, and the also amazing fader, Ecler Eternal. Below are some of the faders and fader knobs. In no particular order.

-Focus Fader v1 & v2
-Pro X Fade
-Penny & Giles
-Rane Magnetic
-Vestax PCV



I have owned way to many mixers, turntables, overall too many toys and gems, and after finding some old photos, some of these toys I regret selling.

Here are some i regret selling:

I have owned way too many Vestax 05 Pro’s, but I truly regret selling, 05 pro q in gold, red, and blue.  These aren’t pulls from some other’s page, these are ones that i actually owned.  At one point i even had an 05 pro grey

DSCF0013 05q Blue I dont know why I sold this pristine 05 ProQ Gold, must have needed money at the time of




Same goes with this 05 proQ in blue, I still have to find a photo of the red one I had





If you look closely there is The 05 pro Grey I owned, Its right next to Technics 1200 mk2 that I customized with a straight arm, this photo was taken when it used to be popular to have a Nextel i95cl… lol.. at the far end where the TTX is, was a Rane TT54i with a Rane PCV crossfader and ALPS faders as line faders.




Another regretful sell

Vestax 06 Pro AsisphonicsI dont know why I sold this Vestax 06 Pro with the Asisphonics Faceplate. Asisphonics was truly one of my favorites message forums.  I met alot of modders and gear geeks alike, Shout out to Fingerlicknb, Focus,Professorbx, Gizmo, Reezy, Soba, if I forgot you, sorry, the asis board have been down for along time


sa8aOne of my Favorite Mixers that I didnt sell and own two of: Stanton SA-8. What DJ mixer do you know that has individual track outs?




pmc37 Vestax PMC-37: This was dope, again I regret selling this, but I do see them on eBay from time to time.  I liked this mixer since it had dual effects send and returns, matrix inputs, and tons of other lovely features.  It did take getting used to having 60mm line faders.





And other random photos, I will be posting more eventually 🙂

DSCF0108 DSCF0106 DSCF0051

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  1. hey…man i bow before your “geekness”…a tousand and one bows!…and your many mixers kept and sold..i read you soke with dj focus meraz…huge fan and still to this day love his focus fader..the cffv 1 ..not the v21 i still own 3 of the sk2f mixers for the longest and only had to replace two focus faders in all the 8 years i had the it me or is it just there stillll is no truer “on off” tight crisoness this fader posesses?..i still am not truly completely sold on the newest innofaders also..ther still is that lazt “slope”..of lag near end of the fader..i can go on for days with the focus fader and even the mixer..i even love how it has the top transform click line phono attachments which can give one sssiccckk transforms and flares and even sick click autobahns and what not! can truly appreciate the entire mixer from the fader to the clickers !! my question to you you see any new mixer nowadays that comes close to the sa or sk2f series? what do u think about the new dj tech mixer and would it be worthwhile? as u know its gonna be tuff getting more replacement parts for the sk2f ..what are the line and phono switches like on the dj tech mixer? is it just phono and line? or ph line t form?…thannx

  2. only on/off style i have experience is the ecler eternal and pioneer 707/909. I used to use my rane 57 with my innofader and I was happy. I strictly use a 62 now, since i video dj. In the end, it comes down to getting used to whatever mixer. I can try to dig around for my mods, i had the stanton sk2 transform switches in 05’s and 06’s. I have to dig through my old PC to find on how to make your own focus faders. Even ask focus he might help you. Do i see a new mixer to comes to the close to the sk2f? honestly no, and i cant give a full review on it as i haven’t used them, but i do know the DF1-S fader will not nearly be as loose as the focus fader. If your totally set on the sk2f’s, check ebay ive seen them sell as low as $35, and even sk2 and sk1 ones around $35 too. just keep an eye on them. Lowest i bought an sa-8 was for $40 and that i just keep for nostalgia, second one I have doesn’t look so pretty anymore. You do know that when the sk2 was released it was as the cheaper Vestax 05 and sk-1 as the cheaper Vestax 06. Craze sa-12 the cheaper Vestax 07 with effects. So *some parts are interchangebale. if you have facebook message me.

  3. wow thannx for the getback trueley appreciate it.!! 1.yes i am partial to the sk2f and would eventually want to get the sa 5..the more reason of getting a 5 to ann 8 because of the toggle switches that i sometimes love to cut with especially for real fast beats..i think one can get some really sickeningly fast flairs and orbits and even autobahns and then there,s the euro scratches ..another mixer that came a little close was that numarl dxm model even the switches…what was good about the switches on that one was you had the phono positions in the middle of the toggle instead of on top…i have these step up transformer boxes i ues for the sk2f i plug into which gives me access to the mid “line” togle position for those effects! 2..i am and still love the focus fader the cffv1 and love the looseness also..i love hove it just “breathes “with you for the lightnining fast crabs flairs orbits a bahns and wat not..and there is also the true unprescedented on off like nothing else..well maybe the ecler as u say…i also remember how non popular it was more with a lott of djs for being way too loose like u “getsaway” from a lot of djs when cutting and feels “broken”…also as u know if u just tilt or bang in to the mixer or even blow on it…the fader flies all the way over…a lottt of djs hated the lack of control over this…i love it cause i play a lot of fast beat hard industrial to aggro tech to ebm to drum and and bass to jungle and old school hip hop and witch house and industrial.. i remember doing and event with jazzy jeff sometime ago and he was using my mixer ..came up and apologized wanting to pay for the fader which he thought he broken! i remembered that stanton veastax were together at first the both broke away from each other…i messaged focus on the fake book..ha told him annnnyyyy thing he comes up with to let me know1..i was still waiting for his straightarm 1200s!! what do u think of the dj tech mixer with the mini innofader? i may would have tried it but the toggle switches are not functionable in the scrtching sense!..i have seen videos of djs such as short e use it side by side..but when i read comments…it seems more negative than positive..short e seemed to like the fader over her ttm57 fader…

  4. Great pics Cisco! Still have my red Asisphonics 06 faceplate! They were made in another colour too, but whilst I had one, can no longer remember what the other colour was? PZ.

  5. Remembered! Yellow! They were (like the red ones) printed on both sides, however the yellow 06 faceplates featured markings, logo & writing in black on one side & white writing on the other. Unlike the red ones which have white markings on one side & yellow on the other. PZ.

  6. Hi I have a vestax PMC 25 which has big eq. I totally understand want to hold onto those mixers. I’d like to upgrade the x fader and looked at innofader. They don’t list that model but they said it might be worth a try with the innofader pro 2. Do you know a scratch fader that would work in your experience?

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