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I, Cisco Azana, have alway been a fan of customizing my own DJ equipment and doing my own repairs, this may have came from my days of loving car audio, but who knows.

I was never one to send repairs out to be done. Overtime my friends, or friends of friends, started asking my to some custom work for them. Wether it it be, changing LED’s on a Technics 1200, upgrading RCA’s, Calibrating a pitch fader, to upgrading ALPS faders in Vestax Mixer to P&G Faders. So a few weeks ago a buddy of mine, who does security at my residency, asked me to post some of my modifications up, and this is how this page has come about. I have been moding all sorts of things since 1995, and never thought of posting and thing….. till now.

(Mods are not relative to date)

Here is a mod i did on a Technics 1210 MK2 Mods include:
Removable Power Cord
RCA Jacks
White Platter
Zero Click removed
This set of photos is by the one and only DJ DLO



Here is another 2 sets of 1210 Mk2 and M3d’s in 2012
the one thing i like about this is how i hand made the under platter LED/main board cover. What some modders do is put LEDs around the main board cover, then cut the rubber away from the platter. That rubber under the platter is there for a reason, for isolation, so i have no clu why one would want to cut that away. Now on to the mods

Mods include:
-Powder Coating Gloss Black w/ Blue Flake
-Under Platter LED’s
-Under Pitch Fader LED’s
-RCA Jacks
-Pop-up target swap from blub to LED

ciscoelnino's Custom Technics 1210 mk2s   underplatter LEDs RCA album on Photobucket



NUMARK TTX’s are NOT SUPER-OEM turntables:
One day I had an arguement, with some guy, I will leave his name out for respect factor, that Numark TTX’s are not Super-OEM turntables. Super-OEM’s: Examples are as, but not solely: Stanton St.150, Audio Technica AT-LP1240, American Audio HTD 4.5, use the same tonearm, main board, pitch fader, transformer, etc all with minor changes.  Some of the changes are features like key lock, LED lit buttons, different bases, different cabinets, but essentially the internals are similar.

Anyway’s here a link of a TTX Motor vs Stanton 150, Stanton 150 boards, American Audio HTD 4.5 (very similar to Audio Technica’s AT-LP1240), and Numark TTX, in exact order. If you know what your looking for, the Stanton 150 and HTD 4.5 have very very much similarities, transformer EI-66, even look at the tonearm section, and placement of boards. Now on to the third, the Numark TTX, what similarities are there? Numark uses the Toshiba TA7259P to control the motor, SUPER-OEMS do not.  Enough ranting… Side note: You CANNOT use a Numark TTX or TT500 Target light on a SUPER-OEM, and vis-versa, the polarities are switched.


ciscoelnino's Turntable Boards album on Photobucket



Tascam XS-8 / Ecler HAK 320 with P&G Faders? YES!
I wrote this, when T-Mobile Sidekick 2 phones were hot… so whatever year that was, is when i wrote this..
 photo xspgupdated_zps70d2c141.jpg

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