Krossfader Kingz Is All About Crossfaders

I, Cisco, have been always been a DJ Gear geek. I spoke to DJ Focus, creator of the Focus Fader the first contact less DJ crossfader. He inspired me to take this photo. I have been DJing since 1997, so I have seen the variations of fader and fader knobs.

The beauty of all this is/are all the changes from 1997 till now. I started out with a Numark DM 1100, the crossfader was terrible and I killed the fader by spraying way too much Radio Shack Tuner spray control,which in my opinion is junk, stick with Caig F5 aka Caig MCL. The industry changed going from carbon based tracks to conductive plastic to contactless etc.

Here are some shown, I didn’t include an image if the Pioneer DJM 707/909 crossfader, which is also one of my favorites, and the also amazing fader, Ecler Eternal. Below are some of the faders and fader knobs. In no particular order.

-Focus Fader v1 & v2
-Pro X Fade
-Penny & Giles
-Rane Magnetic
-Vestax PCV




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